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The following are replication data sets from selected articles.  Each data set contains the information necessary to reproduce the analysis presented in the published work.  The data are made available as compressed Stata files.  To request an alternative format, send an email to These data are also available from the Dataverse Network, which can be accessed here.

Birth Order, Preferences, and Norms on the U.S. Supreme Court
2015.  Law & Society Review 49:945-972.
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The Psychological Origins of a Constitutional Revolution:
The Supreme Court, Birth Order, and Nationalizing the Bill of Rights
2013.  Political Research Quarterly 66:441-453.
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Measuring Policy Content on the U.S. Supreme Court
with Georg Vanberg, Charles E. Smith, Jr., and Gregory A. Caldeira
2009.  Journal of Politics 71:1305-1321.
Download data

Public Schools, Religious Establishments, and the U.S. Supreme Court:
An Examination of Policy Compliance
2009.  American Politics Research 37:50-74.
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Lawyers, Justices, and Issue Salience:
When and How Do Legal Arguments Affect the Supreme Court?
with Andrea McAtee.  2007.  Law & Society Review 41:259-278.
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The Least Dangerous Branch Revisited:
New Evidence on Supreme Court Responsiveness to Public Preferences
with James A. Stimson.  Journal of Politics 66:1018-1035.
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The Institutionalization of the U.S. Supreme Court
2004.  Political Analysis 12:128-142.
Download updated data,  1790-2010
Download original data, 1790-1996

Explaining Executive Success in the U.S. Supreme Court
1998.  Political Research Quarterly 51:505-26.
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Issue Fluidity on the U.S. Supreme Court
1995.  American Political Science Review 89:691-702.
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Repeat Players in the Supreme Court:
The Role of Experienced Lawyers in Litigation Success
1995.  Journal of Politics 57:187-196.
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Amici Curiae and Strategies for Gaining Access to the Supreme Court
1994.  Political Research Quarterly 47:821-837.
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Lawyers and the U.S. Supreme Court:
The Washington Community and Legal Elites
1993.  American Journal of Political Science 37:365-390.
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