Supreme Court of Rock and Roll

What if the members of the U.S. Supreme Court were rock and roll musicians?  What would their names be?  What bands would they join?  This list imagines the justices in alternative musical careers.

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Justice Band / Performer Rock and Roll Justice

001.1James Wilson

001.3 James Wilson Pickett

002.1John Jay

002.03 The John O’Jays

 003.1William Cushing


004.1John Blair, Jr.

Blair Supply

005.1John Rutledge

005.2 Percy Rutsledge

006.1James Iredell

0063 Tommy James and the Iredells

007.1Thomas Johnson

Tom Joneson

008.1William Paterson

008.1 Paterson Airplane

009.1Samuel Chase

5473385298_a0d46c90f8_b Chubby Chaser

010.1Oliver Ellsworth

ozzie-5798441106_ff9390b99f_z Ollie Ellsbourne
011.1Bushrod Washington 011.2 Bushrod Stewart

012.1Alfred Moore

Freddie en The Dreamers Alfreddie and the Dreamers
013.1John Marshall 013.3 The John Marshall Tucker Band
014.1William Johnson William Johnsonic Youth
015.1Henry Brockholst Livingston 015.2 Henry Brockholst Living Colour
016.1Thomas Todd 016.2 Big Head Thomas Todd
017.1Gabriel Duvall 017.2 The Duvallman Brothers Band
018.1Joseph Story 018.2 Peter, Paul, and Story
019.1Smith Thompson 019.2 Aerosmith Thompson
020.1Robert Trimble 020.2 Justin Trimblelake
021.1John McLean 021.3 Wu-Tang McClean
022.1Henry Baldwin 022.2 Henry and the Baldfish
023.1James Moore Wayne 023.2 Lil James Moore Wayne
024.1Roger B. Taney Ike_Tina_Turner_Midnight_Special_1974 Ike and Tina Taney
025.1Philip Pendleton Barbour 025.3 The Barbournaked Ladies
026.1John Catron 026.2 John Catron Jovi
027.1John McKinley 027.3 The McKinks

028.1Peter Vivian Daniel

028.3 Fine Young Daniels
029.1Samuel Nelson 029.2 Nine Inch Nelson

030.1Levi Woodbury

travelwils The Traveleviing Woodburys
031.1Robert Cooper Grier 031.3 Griers for Fears
032.1Benjamin Robbins Curtis The Curetis
033.1John Archibald Campbell John Archie Bell and the Campdrells

034.1Nathan Clifford

034.4 Nathan Cliff Richard and the Shadows
035.1Noah Haynes Swayne Derek and the Dominoahs
036.1Samuel Freeman Miller 036.2 Bobby Freeman Miller

037.1David Davis

037.2 The Spencer David Davis Group
038.1Stephen J. Field 038.2 Buffalo Stephenfield
039.1Salmon P. Chase 039.3 Phish
040.1William Strong 40.2 Sonny Boy Williamstrong
041.1Joseph P. Bradley 041-2.2 Echo and the Bradleymen
042.1Ward Hunt 042.3 Grand Hunt Railroad
043.1Morrison Waite Van_Morrison_(1972) Van Morrison Waite
044.1John Marshall Harlan Van_Halen Van Harlan
045.1William Burnham Woods 800px-Earth_Wind_and_Fire Earth, Woods, and Fire
046.1Stanley Matthews 046.2 Stanley Dan
047.1Horace Gray 047.3 Gray City Rollers
048.1Samuel Blatchford 048.3 The Blatch Eyed Peas
049.1Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar 049.3 L.L. Qool J.
050.1Melville Fuller 050.2 The Melvillage People
051.1David Josiah Brewer 051.2 David Brewer and Shipley

052.1Henry Billings Brown

 bstation Henry Billings Brownsville Station
053.1George Shiras, Jr. chilites The Shi-Lites

054.1Howell Edmunds Jackson

Howlin_Wolf_1972 Howellin’ Wolf
055.1Edward Douglass White whitesn Edward Douglass Whitesnake

056.1Rufus Wheeler Peckham

Rufus_with_Chaka_Khan Rufus and Pekha Kahn
057.1Joseph McKenna Fleetwood_Mac_(1977) Fleetwood McKenna

058.1Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Rupert_Holmes Oliver Rupert Holmes, Jr.
059.1William R. Day devo Dayvo
060.1William Henry Moody Moody_Blues_923-9509 The William Henry Moody Blues

061.1Horace Harmon Lurton

Horace Harmon Melvin and the Blue Notes
062.1Charles Evans Hughes guess The Guess Hughes

Willis Van Devanter

063.2 Martha and the Vandevanters

Joseph Rucker Lamar

064.2 Joe Lamarley and the Wailers
065.1Mahlon Pitney 065.2 Pitney Spears
066.1James Clark McReynolds hamjoe Hamilton, Joe Frank & McReynolds
067.1Louis Brandeis 067.2 Boston
068.1John Hessin Clarke petula-clark John Petula Clarke

William Howard Taft

Meat_Loaf_in_performance_(New_York,_2004) Meat Loaf
070.1George Sutherland gasat The Georgia Sutherlites
071.1Pierce Butler ironb Iron Butlerfly
072.1Edward Terry Sanford Edward Terry Sanford-Townsend Band
073.1Harlan F. Stone Sly and the Harlan Stone

Owen Roberts

bcrow The Black Crowen Roberts
075.1Benjamin N. Cardozo 075.2 Ben Folds Five Cards
076.1Hugo Black bsabbath Hugo Black Sabbath
077.1Stanley Forman Reed 800px-Lou_reed Stanlou Reed
078.1Felix Frankfurter frankgoes Frankfurter Goes to Hollywood

William O. Douglas

William O. Donaldson and the Heywoods
080.1Frank Murphy Frankie Murphy and the Four Seasons
081.1James F. Byrnes 3546205020_56f7d0a127_b Pearl Jam F. Byrnes
082.1Robert H. Jackson 082.1 The Robert Jackson 5
083.1Wiley Blount Rutledge Blood,_Sweat_&_Tears Blount, Sweat, and Tears
084.1Harold Hitz Burton The Talking Hitz
085.1Fred M. Vinson 665px-Freddie_Mercury_performing_in_New_Haven,_CT,_November_1978_cropped Fred Mercury Vinson
086.1Tom C. Clark 086.2 The Tom Clark Five
087.1Sherman Minton 087.2 Sherman’s Hermits
088.1Earl Warren Earl Warren Zevon

John Marshall Harlan II

duran Harlan Harlan
090.1William J. Brennan, Jr. Hank Williams J. Brennan, Jr.
091.1Charles Evans Whittaker 800px-Average_White_Band_031 Average Whittaker Band
092.1Potter Stewart Red_Hot_Chili_Peppers_-_Rock_in_Rio_Madrid_2012_-_11 The Red Hot Chili Potters
093.1Byron White 093.2 The Byron White Stripes
094.1Arthur Goldberg gogos The Go-Goldbergs
095.1Abe Fortas 095.2 The Psychedelic Fortas

Thurgood Marshall

096.2 George Thurgood and the Delaware (and Kansas, South Carolina, and Virginia) Destroyers
097.1Warren E. Burger 097.2 The Warren B-52s

Harry Blackmun

procol Procol Harry
099.1Lewis F. Powell, Jr. index Gary Lewis and the Powellboys

William Rehnquist

Mr. Rehnquister

John Paul Stevens

101.2 John Paul Revere and the Raiders

102.1Sandra Day O’Connor

Clipboard02 Sinead Day O’Connor
103.1Antonin Scalia 103.2 Nino Simone
104.1Anthony Kennedy Dead_kennedys The Dead Anthony Kennedys
105.1David Souter 105.2 SU2
106.1Clarence Thomas 106.2 Clarence Clearwater Revival
107.1Ruth Bader Ginsburg ginblossoms Ruth Bader Gin Blossoms

108.1Stephen Breyer

3556672308_065bc7c765_b Breyer Straits
109.1John G. Roberts  Robbie_Robertson_(1971) Johnnie Robertson
110.1Samuel Alito 110.2 Sam the Sham and the Alitos
111.1Sonia Sotomayor 111.2 Sonny and Chertomayor

Elena Kagan
electric_light_orchestra_by_aerokay-d4aedgu Elena Light Orchestra

Neil Gorsuch
 Tupac_Amaru_Shakur2 Tupac Shakorsuch

Brett Kavanaugh
The Bretenders

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